The Most Memorable Riverside Wedding Venue in Surrey

There is an element of magic in planning a wedding by water. Whether you are overlooking a beautiful river or lake, or standing on a golden peaceful beach.

If you live around SW London or Surrey, an utterly unique experience is to book a river boat cruise along the Thames for your wedding reception venue.

A river cruise for your wedding day is a classy and quintessential way to celebrate the most special time of your life.

  • The romance of the river creates beautiful memories
  • You have your own personal venue on the water
  • It’s fun – all ages can enjoy it.

Typically, Turks cruise the stunning stretch of river Thames between Richmond to Kingston to Hampton Court – but we can arrange to cruise beyond these points if you want to.

The Romance of the River

The stunning landscape, grand riverside homes, historic bridges and palaces all provide a backdrop that is simply stunning to look at and perfect for photos.

With two floors and an outside deck there are seperate spaces for dancing, eating, drinking, chatting, mingling – but still have everyone in one place.


But there is just something about being on the water, rather than just looking at it that makes a boat an idyllic riverside wedding venue.

It is different to being in a hotel where other occasions may also be happening alongside yours. The wedding boat is your own private river venue that you can personalise just as you want.

Wedding Reception , Yarmouth Belle 

“Thank you for helping to make our wedding day so special. the staff were helpful, attentive and friendly. The caterers were awesome – we were massively impressed with the food. Our guests claimed that it was the best wedding ever! Thank you.”

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Wedding photographer credit Graham Nixon

Minimum order amount is £1.00