Whoosh! The nights are drawing in and the festive season will soon be upon us. Meaning the office party planner will soon be feeling the pressure if they haven’t booked the work’s Christmas party venue yet.

But therein lies the stress. What can you organise that will be fun, different and easy to plan for?

Planning the work’s Christmas party

Well, its not unusual for the Turks team to have a few stressed out party planners on the phone at this time of year – so here are our top tips.

1. Plan now – but don’t panic!

Tradition seems to be that the ‘Xmas do’ happens on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday – so those dates get snapped up pretty quick for most Christmas party venues.
But we’ve hosted some spectacularly lively affairs at the earlier part of the week, so don’t discount it as a no no, if your preferred venue – or boat (!) – is already booked on a popular date.

2. Decide whether you want a private party or to share a party?

planning the works Christmas partyLarger companies generally like to have their own private space for their Christmas party venue. But if you are a smaller company with less than 20 employees – or even just a handful of staff – the livelier option is to join a shared party.

A whole variety of local businesses get on board the Turk’s Christmas Disco Cruises from local retailers, salons, nurses, sports teams.
What they all have in common is wanting to feel part of something larger, yet be in a space that doesn’t make them feel on the outside – which so often a larger hotel hall can do.

3. Set your budget

This will make it so much easier to plan for – and make sure it’s something everyone can afford. A drinks kitty is always a good idea to kick start the night off  to a good start with an ice breaker!
If you are researching all-inclusive party packages, then do check out our Christmas party boats page for some scrumptious menu options!

4. Decide the food style

planning the works Christmas partyEvery party planner’s nightmare! Okay it may be Xmas but you don’t have to go for the festive dinner. A canapé reception is always a great socialiser to get people to mingle with others as well as their own team.
This year we have introduced a menu  called  ‘Something a Little Different’ – with delectable canapes and heart warming tagines – check out menus on our Christmas party page.


planning the works Christmas partyIf you have specific taste in music, or just want to personalise the party more, then organise a playlist of everyone’s favourite Christmas jingles for the DJ to play.
If you have the budget to splash out further then on the Turk’s boats we can organise casino tables or live music.

To find out more about Christmas party options cruising along the river Thames, check out Christmas Disco Cruise and Christmas Private Party Boats where we cater for 15 – 150 people.

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