Just what is it about a ‘Casino Night’ that makes them so popular?  We’re not talking here about the ‘real money crunching’ casinos – but the playful casino nights that can easily be added as party entertainment.

From what we observe, it is because the best parties are when there is an attraction that naturally pulls people together. Easy to ‘join in’ games, lets everyone have a go and enjoy feeling part of something. Let the banter begin as the roulette tables spin, and the Black Jack hand is dealt.

Casino nights are also a great ice-breaker to get people of all ages mixing together. Who doesn’t enjoy a touch of fun, glamour and camaraderie  to celebrate a special occasion?

At Turk Launches you can add a Casino Night to your party boat. On the lower decks of our larger boats, we can supply roulette tables and Black Jack with a croupier, all highly experienced at knowing how to add plenty of excitement to your special occasion.

One of our clients ran with a 007 theme for her special birthday party and recreated Casino Royale on our New Southern Belle.

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“The Roulette Table and Casino was a huge hit, many people actually spent more time there than on the dance floor!” Holly S

Casino nights are hugely popular for the Christmas Party. But are also an ideal choice for any special occasion – landmark birthday, wedding reception, team night out or charity fundraiser.

When you add an atmospheric cruise along the river Thames, you really do have  a party that is different, glamorous, fun – and will always be remembered.

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