When organising my 30th birthday I toyed with a few party venue  ideas. There was going to be a wide age range – from mid 20’s to late 60’s – so I wanted something that would appeal to everyone.

30th Birthday Boat Party River ThamesI also liked the idea of having my own private area where all the people there were my guests, rather than a space or room within a bar, club or restaurant.  The theme was going to be a Uniform Party!

As it was a spring birthday – April – I was hoping for nice weather, so when a friend suggested a boat party, the idea really appealed. Turks was ideal as part of my family live in Kingston, and I had friends coming from various parts of London so it was easy to get to Richmond station and walk to the pier.

Turks could pick up from both points so it was the perfectly placed party venue.


Choosing the boat and party style

I would be inviting around 80 guests, so we went to have a look at the Yarmouth Belle. What I immediately liked was that there were different areas; the outside deck, the bar, dance floor upstairs and tables downstairs that could be easily laid out for food.
30th Birthday Boat Party River Thames

This meant that people could easily spread out and even if the weather let us down – which thankfully it didn’t – the interior of the boat was lovely enough for people to be happy inside.

So I decided to go for it! We chose to have Pimms on arrival for the guests, a cold buffet and just took along our iPod and playlist which they set up to speakers.


Celebrating in style

Everyone went to town with their fancy dress – from beefeaters to air hostesses, to bull fighters and the military – it was fantastic fun! Everyone had the best time, it sounds clichéd but it was the perfect party!

I just loved having different groups of friends along with my family and because there was so much space, everyone just happily mingled in their favourite spot. I hardly came off the dance floor and my aunty and uncle who love boats just stayed outside on the deck all night – they loved it!

30th Birthday Boat Party Venue River ThamesA boat party turned out to be a really flexible party venue – there was something for everyone; people could sit down indoors, stand outside, stay on the dance floor. Price wise, it was comparable to the other options I was looking at and overall, excellent value for money. I highly recommend it!

Vicky Hall, April 2013

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